About Olive Tree

Set along the stunning coastline of the AL Marjan Island in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, Olive Tree Residence is a hideaway and refuge from the mega cities in the region. This beachfront property presents an idyllic family getaway.

Olive Tree Residence offers private stays for a memorable experience, full of comfort and a sense of calm. The warmth and intimacy of the interiors reflect the Mediterranean style. Counted amongst the best fully serviced apartments in the region, it provides latest amenities, world-class services of the highest standard and an elaborate program for wellbeing.

Olive Tree Residence is an exclusive ‘temple of wellbeing’ designed to pamper the Guest and delight the senses. It has been conceived and realized according to the concept of overall wellbeing and to the principles of eco-sustainability, which embraces the entire holiday experience. Guests are encouraged to try several wellness programs offered at the Olive Tree exclusive ‘Wellbeing Temple’. 

Olive Tree Residence Wellbeing Holiday homes where guests can enjoy a healthy breakfast, healthy life circle and other facilities. Families can stay at the Residence and enjoy water activities at the beach or recreation programs included in RAKPASS.

Olive Tree Holiday Homes Apartments imparts a unique holiday experience to its visitors on a getaway.